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Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program

Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program for post-secondary students

You can do a lot with a little financial help ↗

Post-secondary education is an expensive endeavour—especially for students impacted by the loss of a parent or guardian with little to no insurance coverage. The emotional and financial stress during this time can be devastating and hinder the dream to pursue post-secondary education. That’s why Manulife has collaborated with Life Happens, a U.S. nonprofit organization that helps students pay for their education through the Life Lessons Scholarship Program.

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What is the Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program?

Manulife has introduced the first Life Lessons Scholarship Program in Canada, for students who’ve experienced the death of a parent or guardian with little to no life insurance. The Scholarship Program helps combat the financial burden of paying for post-secondary education during an emotional time and recognizes the perseverance that so many youth show in such adversity.

The Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program is committed to student success and helps support students financially, making the decision to attend and finish a college, university or trade school program a little easier.

Take a moment to listen to the life lessons of some of our past recipients and find out more about how you can qualify and apply for a scholarship.

Are you a current, or soon-to-be post-secondary student looking for financial support?

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